Industrial coatings

with epoxy, polyester, epoxy and polyurethane

Anticorrosive Polizinc-Primer

protective anticorrosive coating

Prove comparative di corrosione con primer differenti

Comparative corrosion tests. Different Primers
300 hours of Saline Spray according to ASTM B-117
Sandblasted steel with iron phosphate pre-treatment
1 - Liquid coating with primer + liquid varnish
2 - Polyester powder coating
3 - Polyester powder coating on galvanized surface
4 - Powder coating with powder Polizinc primer and polyester coating

For the anticorrosive metal coating it uses Polizinc primer.
Polizinc is an anticorrosive powder primer designed to increase the resistance to corrosion of steel, even in extreme situations.
It has excellent adhesion to the substrate, allowing for an excellent second coating of polyester.

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chosen according to the project
verniciature industriali con polvere epossidica, poliestere, epossipoliestere e poliuretanica

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