Industrial coatings

with epoxy, polyester, epoxy and polyurethane

Special Coatings

special treatment for industrial coating

elementi montati su supporti per la verniciatura a polvere

In addition to the classic industrial coating processes, Verincolor adds a wide variety of products including special industrial coatings..

To provide innovation and industrial coatings the following cutting edge treatments are carried out:

anti abrasive metal coating anti-graffiti coating photoluminescent coating multicolour-chromatic effect coating antibacterial metal coating anticorrosive metal coating coatings at high temperatures

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chosen according to the project
verniciature industriali con polvere epossidica, poliestere, epossipoliestere e poliuretanica

Verincolor performs powder coatings with:
EPOXY coatings POLYESTER coatings EPOXYPOLYESTER coatings POLYURETHANE coatings read more >

superficial metal coating
Lavorazione Box Sotto

For perfection in every coating, the Verincolor production process for metal surface coating, involves three main phases:

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