Industrial coatings

with epoxy, polyester, epoxy and polyurethane

Powder coatings

powder coatings and non-toxic thermosetting resins

elementi nel corridoio per la verniciatura a polvere

The paints used by Verincolor are in powder form and, consequently, in a solid state. The powder coatings are made up of thermosetting resins with the addition of pigments that confer the colour: all our coatings are completely non-toxic.

During the preliminary phase of the work, Verincolor investigates which product is best suited to the substrate and any specific customer requirements. Based on this we choose the raw material and the kind of finish to be achieved.

Our thermosetting powder coatings can be divided into four broad categories:
EPOXY powder coating
(Recommended for indoors and contact with chemicals)
POLYESTER powder coating
(for exterior use)
EPOXY POLYESTER powder coating
(mixture of the above two)
POLYURETHANE industrial coating

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