Industrial coatings

with epoxy, polyester, epoxy and polyurethane

Ecosostenible Coating

treatment and eco-friendly Coating

verniciatura a polvere ecocompatibile

With industrial powder coating, it is imperative not under any circumstances to omit safeguards protecting the environment. This type of industrial coating is, in fact, in line with a policy of sustainability by not using solvents and the total recovery of the powders used in processing..

The renovation of the Verincolor production plants has meant that the various powder coating processes have been improved, not only in terms of quality but also for the environment by avoiding the dispersion of harmful substances which affect both humans and the environment.


Eco-friendly powder coating: energy saving, non-toxic solvents, no air emissions, no toxic substances (lead).

Certifications Certificazioni Verincolor per la Qualità e per l'Ambiente
Esempio di applicazione di verniciatura ecocompatibile